Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hey there!  I swear I am still here! Clearly the inception of Cakes of Wrath, my custom delivery baking service picked up far quicker than I ever thought possible and poor little Plates of Wrath went by the wayside.  Well as it turns out, I also went out and did a little thing with my fiancée...we bought a house!!! We decided in August that we wanted to buy and closed and moved in on election day! Crazy! So for a while there it was a lot ALOT of takeout!!! We then decided, what the hey, lets host Thanksgiving!  It was absolutely fulfilling, delicious and nothing short of comical!  Hey new oven, hey new oven probe, hey new smoke alarms!!! We are finally settling in and after the holidays I will be back with a vengeance!  Just hang with me till then! Peace, Love, Cook.

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