Wednesday, April 6, 2016

TAKE THAT TAKE OUT April 4th to April 8th 2016

Lets be honest, take out happens, more often than at least I care to admit.  Life gets away from us and there is no way dinner is getting on the table when you can get delivery "much faster" right? WRONG!  Every time I use this logic a mediocre plate of whatever shows up anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours later and I'm ultimately starving and left completely unfulfilled from an over priced, calorie laden, preservative filled meal; if you can call it that. 

We have a take on Greek, Asian, and pub grub (my favorite!) all of which are inexpensive, quick and easy to make and ultra satisfying.  While you might spend some time in the market and think there are a lot of ingredients I can assure you that they are all inexpensive (and if they aren't I will warn you in the recipe, or give you an inexpensive alternative) and will be used over and over again as you make your own Plates of Wrath.  If you think you won't use a whole bottle of something, split it with a friend, grab some small mason jars and divvy it up so that you can share the wealth and the recipes!  Local to me?  Need a tablespoon of an off spice? Send me an email! I'll share if I can!  Question about a recipe? I'm here for you! Not sure where to get something?  If it isn't already addressed, someone else has the same question so let me know so I can address it and make your dinner delicious!

So put down Grub Hub, close out of Seamless, and delete Yelp.  But make sure to keep some cash in the house, these dinners are so good you're going to want to tip yourself! 

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