Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lunch time Re-Do! Pesto Chicken Part Deux

Lunch Time Re-Do!
Make last nights dinner, todays lunch!
Greek Yogurt Pesto Chicken Salad
I hope that you enjoyed your Baked Pesto Chicken and those sweet blistered tomatoes, and I actually hope, you have left overs, because this lunch time re-do is divine!  So nice we ate it twice, different ways of course!  Super simple and stays well in the refrigerator for a few days! My personal favorite was on a whole grain English muffin with melted provolone cheese, because mmm…..
1 cup shredded left over Plates of Wrath Pesto Chicken (Or use a rotisserie chicken, grilled chicken, cooked chicken you have on hand)
3 oz. plain Greek Yogurt
2 Tbsp. Prepared Pesto
½ red pepper, chopped
½ small red onion, chopped
1 stick celery. Chopped

Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix, season with salt and pepper to taste.
Put it on an open face English Muffin with sliced cheese, we used deli provolone, and put it in a toaster oven or under the broiler until the cheese bubbles.
Try it in a wrap with the left over blistered cherry tomatoes, or cut some cherry tomatoes and add some mixed greens or arugula.
Try it on toast, use your blistered tomatoes as jam, spread them on your toast with some shaved parmesan and spring mix.
You can even add a heaping scoop on the same mixed greens and skip the dressing this is packed with flavor!

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